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    snail mail : David Powell Glass Art                         studio location :GPS or google map this address
                    10800 Altheide Road                                    10935 upper mount vernon road 47620
                    Mt. Vernon, Indiana                                                        
David Powell Glass Art at the Glass Barn

My Glass studio is located in the south western part of Indiana, 6 miles west of Evansville
 Indiana. We offer lampworking instruction and classes. Studio hours are Saturday and Sunday by appointment.

Google map 10935 Upper Mt Vernon rd. Mt Vernon  In 47620 for directions.
My cell phone reception is poor inside the metal studio, so it is best to text me or  use my e-mail.

Classes are offered in beginning and advanced lamp working all tools and equipment is provided . Class size is limited to three students at a time, students  less than 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent.   
Cost is $25.00 per Hr. 3 hour min.

The Rules of the Studio 

 Wear older, comfortable, but not baggy, 100% cotton clothing.
        Long pants, blue jeans are best, cotton shirt, no synthetic fabric
Wear older sneakers, work boots, Cotton Socks are recommended NO open toe shoes or sandals, think about hot or sharp glass catching in your clothing.

Do NOT wear bracelets or types of jewelry that could snag on something or that can be damaged by heat.

Eye protection shall be worn at all times. During your lesson you will be provided with pair appropriate protective glasses, depending on what kind of glass you are working with.

The students are responsible for cleanliness of the entire shop and will not leave until all tools are put away and work bench and floor are cleaned.

Long hair should be tied back/up securely. Cotton hats/bandanas/nets are OK,

Do bring water for drinking/ ice,

If you have a cell phone or other personal communication device with you, turn it OFF while you are here. You may take a break and leave the area to check your messages.

Leave pets, friends and family members at home, spectators or guest are not permitted. Keep your conversations to a minimum so as to not distract others. A parent of students less than 18 years old will be required to give written permission for lessons.  

Smoking is prohibited in the building.  So is eating, inadvertent ingestion of glass, dust or chemicals could occur. Drinks are permitted but must be consumed away from the work area

Inform the instructor privately if you have any health conditions which may affect you or others in the class adversely. NOTE: Hot glass can cause serious injury,Students will acknowledge this with their signature below so be mindful of your safety, and the safety of others. After one warning, anyone who continues to be as careless as to endanger themselves or anyone else will be asked to leave and no fees will be refunded Misuse of the equipment can cause serious injury. Abuse of the equipment will NOT be tolerated. After one warning, anyone who continues to abuse the equipment will be asked to leave and no fees will be refunded.

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           Student signature and date                                                       Instructor signature  and date

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