David Powell Glass Art
                  Borosilica Glass Beads,  Lampworking lessons, Glass Buttons, Glass Rings,
                                    Necklaces and Pendants, Cremation Glass Art

Artist statement

My interest in glass started like most glass workers, it was the fire, the artful dance with the flame.  I remember as a child my parents had several small glass figures of animals  they purchased at a shop in Berlin. It was something about their transparency  and solid form that fascinated me. Actually watching a lampworker sculpt free form pieces from glass rods into figurines sparked my desire to one day learn this craft. In 1974 I took my first lampworking class at Vincennes University. I bought a torch, some glass and set up to make art glass my garage.

Today I have a lampworking studio in St. Philip and display my work in an 1856 log cabin. I teach lampworking on the week ends by appointment. The only thing I find more enjoyable besides creating glass in the flame is seeing the joy in the faces of my students the moment they create their first glass object, and if you look closely, you can see that flame dancing in their eyes.

I offer lampworking ,glass sculpture and bead making classes on most Saturday and Sunday afternoons. The cost of the lessons are $25.00 per hour with a 3 hour minimum , all supplies and equipment is provided. Studio rental is available to advanced students. See contact page for further details. The student  WILL   be able to make several glass objects during the lesson that if purchaced in a glass shop or studio would exceed the cost of the lesson!  Class size is limited to three students at a time. More information can be found on the information-classes page.

Begining students first lession typically  will envolve making things like

  • tear drop pendant
  • small animials , snail , bird, fish
  • hot pepper
  • mushroom

 2nd level students will make

  • larger and more detailed  first lesson objects
  • water faucets
  • small christmas oranments
  • Ice icicle

3rd level students will make

  • Larger and more detailed  lower level lessons objects
  • Introduction to hollow forms , small blown objects
  • color and Dicro glass

 Themed class  available for organizations or special intrest groups such as:

  • Bird Watchers - how to make different kinds  of glass  birds would be taught
  • Gardener's clubs - how to make glass vegatables, fruit and garden insects
  • Horticulture club- flowers and  plants
  • Dogs cats and other pets
  • Jewelry projects,- create your own glass beads to assemble into a necklace


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