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Really catches fish  / Small Pendant 1 1/8 in. / Clear Dog Bone 2x1 inch  /   Marble  3/4 in. dia.       Amber  Glass Jewelry

                                                                 Cremation Art - Funerary Art


 First of all let me say it is trusted honor for me to be asked to create a work of art for you. The appreciation and joy expressed by the families I have created art pieces for is heart warming. Your loved ones ashes will be treated with the up most respect and dignity. I enjoy creating this type of glass art more than any  that I make.


Your pet or loved one’s ashes can be made into wearable or decorative art.

I have developed a technique to incorporate a small amount of the remains in glass that when finished it resembles a natural amber gemstone, or the remains can be encased in different colors of glass. For the most part I use Borosilica glass you may know it by the trade name Pyrex.
Prices start at $25.00 for small art pieces such as pendants, shipping is extra.

Most the regular glass art I make can have a small amount of remains incorporated in the object with little difficulty. Popular pieces of glass art that people have requested are:


 Teardrop shape Pendants or round flat style, surface stamping or Dicro  imprints available

Clear glass cylinder 


Touch stones

Flat skipping stones

Glass pebbles, solid or hollow

Fishing lure, a treble hook spinner bait style that you could actually fish with, or made with sterling silver to wear in a fishing hat as ornamentation. A small inscription can be engraved in to the spinner blade.

Glass beads - unlimited styles colors and shapes that can be made in to a necklaces or bracelet

Ornaments or Spirit Catchers

Small blown animals:



           Dogs - dog bones

Small vessels – miniature urn necklace



The ashes or what is commonly called cremains can be incorporated deep in the glass or near the surface so that small elevations in the thin layer of glass can be felt. They can also be totally concealed in a vessel with no cremains visible.
 I will be happy to discuss your ideas for a memorial glass piece or send more information on pricing.

 contact by e-mail              davidpowell@davidpowellglassart.com 

                        -Where you can find my regular art-
The  Indiana Glass Barn studio is located  at 10935 Upper Mt. Vernon Road, Mt. Vernon, Indiana, 47620 
Hours  by appointment only usually on Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

This ia a 2 1/4 inch cremation art glass paper weight. The white ashes are swirled in to a galaxy design with blue Dichro glass inclusions.
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