David Powell Glass Art
NEW ! Paperweights and More Creamtion Art Glass
Here I have incorporated the loved ones ashes in to a mixture of Borosilica glass and metal inclusions so that the finished piece is nearly indistinguishable from natural Amber. This can then be mounted in various silver or gold findings by your jeweler. Prices Start at $45.00 for 1X 1 1/2 inch size
This is a custom made heart shape cremation glass pendant with sterling silver wire wrap. It is displayed on a 3mm silk cord. $55.00 aprox.1X1 1/8 inch
This is a cremation glass touch stone. Black glass with green Dichro inclusions and the ashes formed into a nebula shape.  It measures 1 and 1/4 inches by 3/4 inch. $25.00
This is a 2 1/4 inch Cremation Art glass paper weight with yellow and aqua blue swirls embracing the white cremation ashes. The clear glass allows for natural light,spot light or  enhancement light from an illuminated base. $75.00
This 2 1/4 inch Cremation Art glass paper weight  with black glass and blue Dichro swirls provide a back drop for the white cremation ashes displayed as the milky way galaxy. $95.00
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